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NFA convention news, promotions, and Concerts!

In light of the upcoming National Flute Association convention next week, we would like to share with our fans news, promotions and concert schedules for our Nagahara artists. Make sure to stop by our booth #115-119 to meet a great some great artists and try our newest creation, the Nagahara Mini!  To view flyer click here.

New Employment opportunities now posted

We are currently seeking experienced craftsmen  to join our production team. For more information, please refer to the Job Opportunities section.

Latest News

Welcome to Nagahara Flutes: The Place Where Innovation Comes to Life.

Over the past century the Boehm-style flute has seen relatively little change. At Nagahara Flutes we have a staff filled with innovative minds constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance and quality of  the modern flute for the comfort of the performer.

We are committed to producing flutes that will assure the player an enjoyable and secure performance experience, knowing that their instrument will assist as an ally to their art, not an obstacle  to overcome.

Through this web site we invite you to learn more about the special features which make Nagahara Flutes unique- innovations offering improved sound, dynamics and ergonomics.  Additionally, for your convenience we have included relevant information about our maintenance and repair services,  trials, order forms,  policies and warranty, and  authorized international dealer contacts.

Precision, artistic expression, and comfort is what Nagahara strives to achieve with each flute, continuing our mission to always deliver the best flute made anywhere, enabling freedom of expression to each flutist’s voice.


Note: some pages in this web site  may contain sound files.

NFA Nagahara Flutes Showcase Concert!

You are invited to the Nagahara Flutes Showcase concert featuring the Nagahara Mini! Special Guest Nicola Mazzanti will be performing three pieces for the Mini, two of which were commissioned for this concert to show off the extended low range of the Mini!  A must see event at the convention and a great opportunity to hear the Mini live!

Friday August 8th, 12:45pm-1:10pm in PDR  2!

Mini Showcase Program-web.pdf