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Over the past century the Boehm-style flute has seen relatively little change. At Nagahara Flutes we have a staff filled with innovative minds constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance and quality of  the modern flute for the comfort of the performer.

We are committed to producing flutes that will assure the player an enjoyable and secure performance experience, knowing that their instrument will assist as an ally to their art, not an obstacle  to overcome.

Through this web site we invite you to learn more about the special features which make Nagahara Flutes unique- innovations offering improved sound, dynamics and ergonomics.  Additionally, for your convenience we have included relevant information about our maintenance and repair services,  trials, order forms,  policies and warranty, and  authorized international dealer contacts.

Precision, artistic expression, and comfort is what Nagahara strives to achieve with each flute, continuing our mission to always deliver the best flute made anywhere, enabling freedom of expression to each flutist’s voice.


Welcome to Nagahara Flutes: The Place Where Innovation Comes to Life.

Note: some pages in this web site  may contain sound files.
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Brendan Ryan wins Nagahara headjoint!

Congratulations to Brendan Ryan for winning a Nagahara Galway model headjoint at the BFA’s Galway weekend.  Brendan grew up only 40 minutes away from our shop in Chelmsford, MA, and has studied with many wonderful teachers such as Judy Grant, Jim Walker, and Marianne Gedigian.  To learn more about Brendan and his experience playing for Sir James Galway click here.

The Nagahara  “extended” riser

The Nagahara riser is a patented design by Kanichi Nagahara.  This riser style has a front protrusion or “lip”, which extends up into the plane of the lipplate at the blowing edge.  This allows for a similar consistency in the sound and color that you would receive from having a riser and lipplate of the same material, but at a lower cost.

With a traditional riser, there will be a “seam” where the lipplate and riser metals come together In this case, if the lipplate and the riser are of different materials, this can cause an inconsistency with the sound color as your air stream moves to change registers.  The extended riser prevents this change by allowing the air to always hit the same metal regardless of the angle used by the player.

The Nagahara riser is an additional feature on all of our headjoints.  However, if the lipplate and the riser are both silver or both gold, it is recommended to use the Traditional riser instead.  The Nagahara riser style is standard when ordering a platinum riser.

To see an example of  a Nagahara Riser, click here.

Nagahara at the 9th Annual Adams Flute Festival

We are excited to be attending once again the Adams International Flute Festival in the Netherlands.  Be sure to stop by  and check out our wide selection of  flutes and headjoints, with a special focus on the Galway  model to honor Sir James’ participation as feature artist of this wonderful event!


Thank you Sir James, Lady Jeanne, and the BFA!

Thank you to all who attended the Boston Flute Academy’s Galway Weekend!  And a big congratulations to Judy Grant and the team at the BFA for putting on such a successful event!  We were so excited to see so many flute players in the area and to introduce students as well as adults to the Nagahara brand.